How to Write a Marketing Message that Resonates

Develop Message and Hit The Pain Points

If only developing your message was easy. Marketing messages are the heart of all communications that any businesses distributes. Please note, marketing messages are not just sales messages; it goes far beyond any sales pitch. Your message is the unifying theme of all your communications and should bring your customers and prospects into your world.
Create messaging that resonates with your audience

Start Building Your Message Content

What do you want your business, products, or services to be known for? What benefits or solutions do you provide? What pain points do you address? What does your customer care about? And how does your message connect your business to your customers / prospects / audience?

The goal is to build a roster of key points that are relevant to your audience, prospects, and customers; and then use them consistently across all your communications. This is your go-to resource, the underlying theme that you can tweak for sales and non-sales marketing.

Key Points and the Buyer Persona

How would you describe your ideal customer? What does their day look like? What problems do they have, and what solutions do they need? Get into the mind of you customer because it is the only way you’re going to truly resonate with them.

I want your customers to think “you just read my mind”. For example, I was in Ikea with a friend who was looking for white art frames to showcase her daughter’s artwork. Her request and need were so specific – WHITE picture frames for child’s art.

As we were walking around I looked up and saw an Ikea display that showed children’s art beautifully displayed in white picture frames. The first thing I thought was “they read my mind” (or specifically my friend’s mind). Ikea clearly understands their buyers, what problems they have, and the solutions Ikea can provide. This is what you need to aim for.

So how clearly do you understand your buyers? Can you read their minds? Do you see trends in your marketing to prove how successful it is (and tested it)?

Ditch the Generic Marketing Message

Your message needs to go well beyond the features and benefits of your product or service. You have to put yourself in the place of your ideal customer and use it to create a connection with them.

Let’s take a health and wellness coach as an example. As health and wellness coach you may think that you help your clients get healthy and fit. But how does your client define what you do for them? Why do they want to get healthy now and not 3 months from now? Something prompted them to hire you, and they hired you to solve that “something” for them.

Is your client a bride that wants to fit into her dream gown? A business owner that needs to de-stress for a healthy life? A new mom that wants to shed the baby weight.

Even though you’re helping your clients get healthy, their motivations and problems were different. The messeging for the business owner would not necessarily connect with the new mom, and vice versa. This is why you go beyond the benefits and focus on what is going to prompt your customer to call you or buy from you.

Generic messages don’t work this is day and age of marketing. Your goal is to write your mass message so that it feels like it was written to The One. The one that is going to complete a purchase or sign-up for your email list. Aim for relevancy.

What to Do Next

  1. Build a detailed buyer persona that describes your buyer’s overall life, their everyday struggles, problems, and niche down to how it all relates to your product or service.
  2. Throw out the Features and Benefits list, and build a list of problems you solve. Make a list of problems your customer faces and decide how your company solves these problems.
  3. Write various marketing communications and content pieces, such as blog posts, email message campaigns, and free giveaway content items, where you can solve their problems.

Writing the perfect marketing messages is not an easy task, and it will constantly evolve. As you start digging into the core key points of your message strategy, you’re going to have to test and revise. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you see an increase in traffic, clicks, social shares, and ultimately an increase in leads.

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