Progress Not Perfection or Procrastination

Are you a perfectionist or an action taker? Are you perfecting or procrastinating? You’re not perfecting if you’re delaying your progress.

The Perfect Project

I see so many business owners get stuck in one fatal trap- they want to create the perfect “fill in the blank here” before they launch it. Let me break this down, while you’re perfecting “it” SOMEONE ELSE IS LAUNCHING “it”. Is that someone your competitor, likely yes. Is that someone else going to make money while you’re picking the perfect colors for your website, you betcha. Are you going to get left behind, and then play catch-up? Yes!
focus on progressing your marketing, not perfecting it

The Cost of Perfection and Procrastination

What is your perfection, aka procrastination, costing you? What (and how many) opportunities are you losing? Many of us are guilty of this at some point, but business owners that succeed decide to stop delaying and start launching. These business owners know that they can go back later and redo, update, change, or finalize later. But they start now. Eventually rubber has to meet the road people. You’re not going to go anywhere until you turn the ignition, and remember a car can still run with only 1 gallon of gas.

Customers Will Never Know It isn’t Perfect

Your customers and clients will never know that you meant to have 50 pages on your website, they’re going to read the two pages you have, and be none the wiser that 48 are missing. The 50 pages are important to YOU, they’re not important to your customers. Visitors will decide to work with you or buy from you based on your home page, about page, social media channels, and your other platforms.

You care about your perfect website, your customer doesn’t. You customer wants to know what you do, why they should care, and what value you deliver to them. You can launch a simple website (for now) and spend time growing your other platforms. Do you understand where I’m coming from?

I’m using websites as an example, but it applies to so much more than just your website. What are waiting on right now? What’s holding you back from starting that YouTube channel, speaking at venues, or anything else? And what are you going to do if the perfect thing (website, product, marketing, service) doesn’t work? Shut down your business while you re-do it again?

Wantpreneur vs Entrepreneur

Have you heard the term “wantprenuer”? A wantprenuer is some that wants to own a business but doesn’t own a business because they never launched their business. Don’t fall into the wantprenuer trap, you’re too good for that, and you’re too talented to keep dreaming, planning, or drafting.  

Are you an Entrprenuer or Wantprenuer? If a business owner never launches their business and doesn’t have customers, then do they have a business or a hobby? Does anyone know you have a business? No? Then, dear friend, you’re a wantprenuer. It’s time to get a move on.

What’s More Important, the Project or the Business?

I cannot count the number of business owners that I encounter that have a laundry list of things they want to get in place before they launch their business.

There are things that you may truly need to get done prior to launching your business, such as legal, taxes, contracts, and etc. But a website with 1,000 pages is not one of them.

True Fact there are plenty of business owners with single page websites that are crushing it, and servicing “your customers”. You’re going to get more and more behind the eight ball if you keep focusing on completing projects instead of networking, getting customers, and building sales.

What if you want to start and grow a successful YouTube channel. But haven’t because you don’t have the right camera or gear. I have seen some great videos produced on an iPhone or Android phone, so good infact that I couldn’t tell the video was from a smartphone. BUT you’ve never posted a video because you want the perfect equipment. Instead focus on what matters, getting videos done that someone could watch.

Story Old As Time

Like I have said in my blog several times before, you’re website is never done, your marketing is not done. Everything in your business is always pivoting. Don’t be afraid of it. I doubt your business is going to be same in 5 years. So why are you stressing about little things now? I would be more worried about your business if you never changed your marketing in 5 years.

Consider this. You’re spending weeks writing the perfect copy for your customer avatar, but no one signs up for your list. You’re spending 100 hours building the perfect online course or ebook, instead of just launching a simple free version to test the demand. It’s better to launch with “good enough”, and adapt based on results. #ProgressNotPerfection

Perfection, the Silent Killer

Perfection will kill your business. Fortune 500 companies have to spend hours analyzing what they need to do because of regulation, customer attrition and financial risk. As a small business you have the luck of being able to test, launch, and adapt in a very short time frame.

There is no substitute for taking action, and you can’t grow a successful business without some action taking.

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