It started one sunny morning

There’s no place like the world of online marketing, and it DOES make you feel like you’re off to see the Great Magical Wizard of Oz on this ever changing and complicated journey of online marketing.

I’ve been working in online marketing when EVERYONE used Yahoo Directory? Did you know that Yahoo has Directory? And that people used to submit links to it? It’s been a long winding road to get to where we are today with the internet, and it’s even more easier to use it to grow your business.

I have 16+ years of experience in marketing, and most of that is devoted to helping business GET online. Working with them to create a marketing system that utilizes all of the internet platforms at our disposal.

Businesses I’ve worked with less than 20 employees to companies with 500+ employees. I’ve helped them build and optimize their email marketing, improve their websites to increase traffic, pinpoint their messaging and content strategy, and get their tech setup.

It’s all in the numbers

How would you like to increase your sales conversions from inbound leads by at least 6%? Or have landing pages that convert visitors to leads at least 15% of the time? Generate content, like blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, and cheatsheets that brings in consistent leads every month?

You want more qualified inbound leads from your website, email, social media, and pay-per-click. I’ve done it for others, now let me help you. I honestly believe your business can succeed, and that the sky’s the limit. I wouldn’t work with you otherwise. But you have to believe it too.

What’s the issue?

My clients have come to me with various marketing issues, but they usually all culminate in “I need more leads” or “I’m not getting enough traffic to my (website, Facebook ad, Google ad, or social media accounts)” or “My landing pages are NOT converting”. And I’ve taken each one, and turned it around.

You also likely know that when you don’t have enough leads, you also likely do not have enough sales or customers. You probably also want to have better leads finding you online and jumping to your sales cycle or funnel.

But are you ready to work with me?

I work with action takers, business owners that are tired of getting stuck in their marketing, and are ready to plow through their overwhelm to make it happen. Make it happen is key.

Roadblocks happen, but the worst ones are the roadblocks you put in front of yourself- and you know it. I work with people that are ready to do what it take to move the needle in their business; to do what it takes to reach their business milestones; and most importantly, to do what it takes to reach those personal milestones (the reason for your business).

Want to work with me?

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