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I’ve been helping professional service organizations grow their online presence for 15 years, from increasing web traffic to drive inbound leads.

The professional services businesses I’ve worked with have seen lead growth by 20% month-over-month, doubled conversion rates, and improved the quality of the leads coming into the sales cycle.

We were able to achieve this growth by clarifying their marketing strategy, what they wanted to achieve, current successes, establishing clear goals and implementing smart marketing tactics designed to connect with their ideal customers.

We got clear on the content that would produce results, their best approach to social media, implemented funnels for leads at various steps in the sales cycle, created compelling offers, optimized their landing pages, targeted their email marketing, and turned their website into a marketing hub for all their online marketing.





Let’s turn your website into the marketing powerhouse it can be. Are you utilizing your website to it’s fullest potential? Perhaps you meant to do a lot of things with your website, but got sidetracked or didn’t know how to do it yourself?

Your website can be your online marketing hub, where all traffic comes to convert. I’ll work with you to make your website THE showcase of what you have to offer, a tool to add value to your audience, and ultimately transition visitors through seamless funnels.

Funnels are where the magic happens. This is where random visitors say I want to know more about you OR work with you.
Ideally, you want to have multiple funnels with multiple offers.

But there are many moving parts of the funnel creation process that I’ll help you with:
> Nurture track creation & planning
> Landing page creation & optimization
> Compelling offers & Calls-to-action (CTAs)
> Marketing Channels
> Tracking results

Email marketing is the granddaddy of social media, the original form of keeping engaged with your audience. The only difference today, it’s more challenging to get and keep their email attention.

We’ll work together to develop the best approach to grow and engage with your email list. From nurture tracks to content, and relevant offers. We’ll keep what works, and test new concepts to improve.

And I’ll help you setup your email service provider if you haven’t yet.



Content is King, and delivering value is Queen. Gone are the days when you could constantly push a sales offer. Today marketing is about pulling your ideal customers to you with strategically created and curated content. Not only do you want to increase your “know, like, & trust” factor, but you also have to tell them of what you do.

Every piece of content that you create, social media posts, blogs, vlogs, and more, should be designed to ultimately grow your customer and client base. Each post, pin, tweet, share, is a part of the larger content strategy and overall goal.

We’ll work together to nail down the best platforms, channels, and content strategy for your business. What social media channel should you focus on? Video, voice, or written content (as in YouTube, Podcast, or Blog)? We’ll dig into where your audience is, the content they care about, and how you can resonate with them. And ultimately how to use content to grow your business.

Do you know what’s working and what isn’t working? Knowing these numbers is going to become increasingly important as you grow your business, and expand your marketing.

I’ll work with you to get your reporting process setup and implemented. You’re not going to drown in spreadsheets, nor do you worry about dusting off your algebra textbook.

It’s about making sure the process works for you, the size of your team, and the size of your business.


I typically work with my clients in 3 ways, 1:1 or group coaching, consulting, and strategy days. I chat with my clients to determine which option is the best one for their needs and business. Regardless of how I work with my clients, the goal is the same- to get your business more leads and grow sales.

We’ll meet virtually, via phone and screen-share conference calls; in each meeting, we’ll tackle the issues you’re facing and projects you’re working on.


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